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Das Buch „barfuß“



Gerhard Winter



The Book „barfuß“



  Gerhard Winter


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“barfuß” was originally published in 1992. Meanwhile it’s out of print. I’ve been encouraged to republish its content on the internet. That is what the German version of this website intends. Unfortunately, an English version of “barfuß” is currently not available.
For further details on the book and the newly issued HTML version please see below.


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  (Updated 2014)


“barfuß” was published by:
Gerhard Winter
Weingartenweg 16, 8020 Graz, Austria


Coverdesign by:
Wolfgang Winter based on a photo by Hans Gsellmann


Production of the 1992 book version:
Druckwerk - Verein für Medienarbeit
Ungergasse 7, 8020 Graz, Austria

Printed in Austria


ISBN 3-9500196-0-X


© 1992 – 2014 Gerhard Winter, Graz, Austria. All rights reserved.

Reproduction or translation of any part of this work without explicit permission of the copyright owner is unlawful. Requests for permission or further information should be addressed to the publisher (gerhardw@mur.at).


As mentioned above, “barfuß” is out of print, therefore orders won't be processed (;-D)


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